Javier Hernández Padilla (September 22, 1952) is a semi-retired Mexican Luchador, or professional wrestler best known under the ring name Américo Rocca. Hernández also worked as the enmascarado (masked) Ponzoña from 1990 until 1994, and as Ninja Samurai for a brief time in 1994. Hernández is a former holder of the Mexican National Lightweight Championship and a three time holder of both the Mexican National Welterweight Championship and the NWA World Welterweight Championship all promoted by the professional wrestling promotion Empressa Mexicana de Lucha Libre (EMLL).

Professional wrestling career

Javier Hernández made his professional wrestling debut in 1975, using the ring name Xavier "Américo" Rocca, later shortened to just "Américo Rocca". Just over two years after his debut Rocca defeated Flama Azul to win the Mexican National Lightweight Championship, a title he would hold for 82 days before losing it back to Flama Azul. On February 2, 1978 Rocca won the Mexican National Welterweight Championship from Kung Fu, holding it for 435 dayws before losing it to Lizmark. The following year, on April 30, 1970 Rocca won the NWA World Welterweight Championship from Mano Negra. Rocca made several successful titl defenses in the following 264 days before losing the title to Kato Kung Lee on January 19, 1980. Just under two months later he won the Mexican Welterweight title once more, defeating Lizmark to regain the title. His second Mexican Welterweight title run lasted 217 days before he lost the belt to Franco Columbo on November 1, 1980 On July 18, 1982 Américo Rocca defeated La Fiera to win his second NWA World Welterweight Championship, a title he would hold for 558 days before losing it to Mocho Cota. On March 29, 1985 Rocca won his third and final Mexican National Welterweight Championship by beating El Talisman for the championship. His final title reign lasted 156 days before he lost it to El Dandy. On February 11, 1986 Rocca won his last major title when he gained a measure of revenge against El Dandy by defeating him for the NWA World Welterweight Championship. His last title reign would also be his longest, 606 days in total before Solar II defeated him for the belt on June 30, 1988. In 1990 Rocca adopted a new ring persona, Ponzoña (Spanish for "Poison"), a character used by Antonio Peña's father in the 1960s and brought back with Peña's permission. Hernández worked as the masked Ponzoña until 1994, after which he resumed working as Américo Rocca on the Mexican independent circuit. In recent years Hernández sons have begun wrestling as well under the names Américo Rocca, Jr. and Xavier Rocca.

In wrestling

  • Finishing move
  • Signature moves

Championships and accomplishments

  • Occidente Championships
  • Local championships
  • Sinaloa Welterweight Championship (1 time)
  • Arena Azteca Budokan Welterweight Championship (1 time)

Lucha de Apuesta record

Wager Winner Loser Location Date Notes
Hair Américo Rocca Black Killer Guadalajara, Jalisco Unknown  
Hair Pepe Aguayo Américo Rocca Guadalajara, Jalisco Unknown  
Hair Lizmark Américo Rocca Unknown Unknown  
Hair Talismán Américo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico Unknown  
Hair Gran Cochisse Americo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico 01979-09-21September 21, 1979  
Hairs Américo Rocca and Divino Roy Gran Cochisse and Águila India Mexico City, Mexico 01981-04-03April 3, 1981  
Mask/Hair Espectro Jr. and Américo Rocca Alfil and Cachorro Mendoza Mexico City, Mexico 01981-12-04December 4, 1981  
Hairs Américo Rocca and Gran Cochisse Comando Ruso I and Comando Ruso II Mexico City, Mexico 01984-07-17July 17, 1984  
Hair Talismán Américo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico 01984-10-26October 26, 1984  
Hair Ringo Mendoza, Américo Rocca and Tony Salazar El Signo, El Texano and Negro Navarro Mexico City, Mexico 01986-09-19September 19, 1986
Hair Américo Rocca Talismán Mexico City, Mexico 01987-01-011987
Hairs Americo Rocca, Chamaco Valaguez and Javier Llanes Emilio Charles, Jr., Tony Arce and Vulcano Mexico City, Mexico 01987-07-31July 31, 1987  
Hairs Rangers del Norte Américo Rocca and Chamaco Valaguez Unknown 01990-01-011990  
Hair Javier Llanes Americo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico 01990-09-02September 2, 1990  
Hair Américo Rocca Kung Fu Mexico City, Mexico 01994-05-08May 8, 1994
Hair El Cafre Américo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico 01994-06-12June 12, 1994  
Hair Javier Cruz Americo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico 01994-10-14October 14, 1994  
Hair Américo Rocca Reyes Veloz Mexico City, Mexico 01995-07-25July 25, 1995
Hair Américo Rocca Ringo Mendoza Mexico City, Mexico 01996-02-16February 16, 1996
Hair Américo Rocca Kid Guzmán Mexico City, Mexico 01999-04-27April 27, 1999
Hair Ricky Marvin Américo Rocca Mexico City, Mexico 02001-05-27May 27, 2001  
Hair Javier Cruz Americo Rocca Guadalajara, Jalisco 02002-05-05May 5, 2002  
Hair Javier Cruz Americo Rocca Guadalajara, Jalisco 02003-01-01January 2003  
Mask Américo Rocca Dimensión Guadalajara, Jalisco 02003-07-06July 6, 2003  
Hair Américo Rocca Dimensión Guadalajara, Jalisco 02003-08-24August 24, 2003  
Hair Bestia Salvaje Americo Rocca Guadalajara, Jalisco 02007-02-11February 11, 2007  

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