The Allen County War memorial Coliseum aka The Jungle is a 13,000 seat multi-purpose arena in Fort Wayne in the state of Indiana, initially built in 1952 for nearly $3 Million in Fort Wayne's Johnny Appleseed Park. The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum was originally designed to seat 8,103 for hockey or 10,240 for basketball. In 2002, an extensive renovation and expansion was put into motion, which raised the Allen County war Memorial Coliseum roof 41 feet, therefore increasing the arena's seating capacity to 10,500 for hockey or music concerts and 13,000 for basketball. The structure was designed by A.M. Strauss Architects.

The Allen County War Memorial Coliseum ranked 20th in the world among similar-sized venues by Venues Today, a concert and event publication  for 2007.


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