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The All-England Championship is a title that is currently defended in the International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom (IPW:UK) promotion.

The All-England title was originally created by the Frontier Wrestling Alliance in 2001 but in 2006 there was a (storyline) promotion war between the IPW:UK and FWA. In November 2006 the current champion at the time Leroy Kincaide defected to IPW:UK he was stripped of the title by the FWA and at Final Frontiers when IPW:UK and FWA fought each other in a Losing Company Fold match the All-England title was resurrected on the undercard of the event between Iceman and Sam Slam. After IPW:UK defeated the FWA in the main event of the show, the FWA All-England Title became recognised in IPW:UK as a national title including recognising all recent past champions.

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