Alison Skipper (August 10, 1982) is an American model, actress and former professional wrestling valet who worked for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.


Skipper began her career in print and runway modeling at the age of sixteen. Her runway modeling include work for Nike, Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Reebok and LSpace. She also worked as a regular fashion and jewelry model for the Home Shopping Network.

Skipper was the host of The College Experiment for Fox Sports LA from 2009 to 2011. Her acting roles include work in featured commercials for Gillette, Walt Disney World, Papa John's Pizza among numerous other commercial appearances.

Professional wrestling

Total Nonstop Action (2010)

Skipper debuted in TNA during 2010 under the ring name of Chelsea. She quickly was assigned as a valet to Magnus and later Desmond Wolfe. Altogether, she appeared in nine televised episodes of TNA during 2010. During that same year, Chelsea appeared in the pay-per-view Genesis held in Orlando, Florida, accompanying Desmond Wolfe in his match against D'Angelo Dinero. She would continue to appear accompany Wolfe to the ring as he feuded with D'Angelo Dinero, at times even helping him cheat to win matches.

Wolfe later began a feud with Abyss, after Chelsea said she wanted the hall-of-fame ring Abyss won from Ric Flair. Chelsea accused Abyss of assault and he was arrested, she later acknowledged that she had planned with Wolfe to falsely accuse him. Wolfe challenged Abyss to a match at Sacrifice; if Wolfe won, he got the hall-of-fame ring, but if Abyss won, he would win Chelsea's services for 30 days. On the following edition of Impact!, Chelsea started showing sympathy towards Abyss, when he was being brutalized by Wolfe. The following month at Slammiversary VIII, Wolfe was defeated by Abyss in a Monster's Ball match, when Chelsea turned on him and helped Abyss pick up the victory.

After 2010, Chelsea was no longer seen in TNA or any other professional wrestling events.

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