Al Wilson is the father of professional wrestler Torrie Wilson. He is most notable for being involved in an angle which eventually saw him getting married to Dawn Marie on the January 2, 2003 episode of Smackdown. According to kayfabe, Wilson died during the honeymoon as a result of being oversexed which led him to have a fatal heart attack.


On the October 17 episode of Smackdown!, Torrie teamed up with Rikishi in losing effort to the team of Dawn Marie and Matt Hardy. In the angle, Dawn Marie attempted to marry Wilson's real-life father Al Wilson. Dawn also revealed that she had developed feelings for Torrie, and the two shared an on-screen kiss. Dawn even offered to cancel the wedding if Torrie would go to a hotel with her for the night. Despite this, as part of the storyline, Dawn developed feelings for Al and the two got married on an episode of SmackDown! in their underwear. Al then, in storyline, died from a heart attack after having rigorous sex numerous times in succession on their honeymoon. In response, Wilson defeated Dawn at No Mercy in October. She defeated Dawn Marie again at the Royal Rumble in what was billed as a Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match. The feud lasted approximately nine months

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