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About the Championship

The Adrenaline Unleashed Las Vegas Championship is a pro wrestling championship from Las Vegas promotion Adrenaline unleashed.Its been held and defended many times. The current and last champion to date is "Pretty" Peter Avalon. 


The first ever Las Vegas Champion was Van Acid (Dragon Acid). He won the belt in a tournament to crown the first champion at Extreme thing 2007 after he pinned Tommy Kim. The next year at Extreme thing 2008 Van Acid successfully defended the belt again against Johnny Goodtime. The next year due to Japan airline issues Acid could not defend his title at Extreme thing 2009 because of this the top contenders for the belt Johnny Goodtime and Antonio Mestre wrestled for the belt, Goodtime came out victorious thus becoming the new champion, Acid would not appear in Adrenaline Unleashed for 2 years. At Extreme thing 2010 Johnny goodtime was scheduled to wrestle Tristan Gallo (Martin Casaus) but because of injury Disco Machine filled in for Goodtime to wrestle Gallo to decide a new champion which Gallo won.

Later in the Year at the Big Boy Toy show Adrenaline Unleashed had a tournament to decide the number one contender to wrestle Gallo at Extreme thing 2011, the tournament contained 8 men,the winner of the tournament was Tommy Misfit after he pinned Kg Fury. Because of Gallo joining the cast of WWE Tough Enough he could not compete against misfit so Disco Machine returned to wrestle misfit at Extreme thing 2011 unfortunately Misfit did not win the match making Disco Machine the new champion. The next month at CASINO ROYALE Tommy Misfit wrestled a  Former champion Van Acid to determine the number one contender to the LV title where Misfit won  to become the new #1 contender. The next month at Indie Fest Misfit wrestled against #2 contender Kg Fury because of current champion Disco Machine not being able to show up. Tommy Misfit pinned KG FURY becoming, at 21 years old, the new Las Vegas champion. Misfit became the first champion so far to successfully defend the title more than twice. Later in the year Misfit defended the belt wrestling other wrestlers for the title such as C.B Slade, James Slay, Jayson Cash, Gabriel Busan and Tristan Kelli. 

At Extreme Thing 2012 Tommy Misfit defended his belt against Ryan Taylor in a 6 sides of hell steel cage match, the first cage match in Adrenaline Unleashed. Misfit came out the champion once again.

Starting in April 2012 Adrenaline Unleashed started running monthly shows at the Las Vegas roller hockey center. At the first show, Misfit defended the belt against Erik Watts but the match ended in a DQ when C.B Slade interfered thus starting a short feud between Misfit and Slade. The feud climaxed in a Tables Ladders and chairs match two months later where once again Tommy Misfit would retain his belt, however after the match Bryce Slaven would return and in the following months invade Adrenaline Unleashed interfering in Misfits matches for he wanted a title shot. Eventually Tommy and Bryce would feud, wrestling in various singles and stipulation matches like no DQ, Lumberjack, falls count anywhere matches. All of which Misfit would retain his title. The feud would come to an end when Both men competed on separate teams in a 8-man tag team elimination Cage Match, where Misfits team came out victorious. Misfit would also feud with his other antagonist Jason Muse, eliminating him in the steel cage match and defending his belt against him later in January.

In February 2013 Gabriel Busan was chosen by Jason Muse to face Joey Ryan in a number one contenders match for the LV title, where Busan did win and would go on later that night to wrestle Misfit for the belt. During there match the referee was knocked out and Gabriel Busan attempted to use a chair but The Eccentric lion, who was aiding misfits side at the time, would make the save and hit Busan with the chair. However The Eccentric Lion would turn on Misfit when he hit him with the chair as well and put Busan over him for the pin. Jason Muse awoke the ref to make the count and after a year and a half a new Las Vegas Champion was crowned.

Gabriel Busan would become accompanied by his new manager Tommy Purr. Busan defended his belt in the first ever extreme spires match at Extreme Thing 2013 against Tommy Misfit and Mike odd where he would come out on top. For the next few months Busan would defend his belt against Suede Thompson, James Slay, Unam, and Are$. At one time he would defend his belt in a very political triple threat match against current Au wrestling champion Angus McField and Gamblers Gambit winner and Contender for any belt of his choosing Bryce Slaven, however Busan was not pinned therefore he would keep his belt.

Tommy Misfit engaged in a storyline feud with his mentor, The Eccentric Lion. The two would compete against each other in a number one contenders match where Lion would come out victorious via dirty tacitcs using a fan to distract Misfit.

Obvious tension between Busan and former tag partner Are$ would cause interferences and feuding between the two. This caused the most affect on September 13, 2013 when Gabriel Busan would lose the belt to The Eccentric Lion after Are$ would interfere and pile drive him, allowing Eccentric lion to get the pin and become champion.

It would't be long until a Steel Cage match would be set up between The Eccentric Lion and Tommy Misfit for the LV Title. Tommy Misfit would come out victorious in another reign as the LV Champion after hitting Lion with his own finisher, the mane attraction. "Pretty" Peter Avalon would make his way into Adrenaline Unleashed and compete against Misfit for the belt, and win via small package pin after a very standout match. In the following months qualifying matches for a 5 way extreme spires match for the LV title between the champion Peter Avalon, Suede Thompson, Nefasto, James Slay, and Tommy Misfit. After what was a very elaborate and high flying spirs match, Peter Avalon would retain once again when he used a ladder to knock Misfit off the spires and retrieve the belt. Misfit would get a rematch at Extreme Thing 2014 where he lost to Peter Avalon in a ladder match. Peter Avalon would defend his belt against James Slay successfully in the following months and compete in the Gamblers gambit tag team tournament with his partner Suede Thompson who he would walk out on. 

As of now, Peter Avalon is the last Las Vegas Champion as Adrenaline Unleashed would fold in September 2014. 

Fun Facts

The creator of the belt is Kent Wilson,  who is also the owner of Adrenaline Unleasahed. and wrestler known as The Eccentric Lion.  The belt is considered a top rope belt because of its design featuring Sculptings of the vegas strip and other Vegas related artifacts.  

The only person to have held the belt more than once is Tommy Misfit. Having had two reigns. The first win against KG Fury, and the next against The Eccentric Lion. 

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