The Gaora TV Championship is a professional wrestling championship owned by the All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) promotion. On August 28, 2012, AJPW and Gaora TV announced that AJPW would introduce a new championship called the Gaora TV Championship. A tournament for the title took place from September 8 to October 7.

Championship tournament

  First Round
(September 8)
(October 7)
(October 7)
   Ryota Hama 06:21  
 Yasufumi Nakanoue W  
   Yasufumi Nakanoue W  
   Kazushi Miyamoto 07:10  
 Kazushi Miyamoto W
   Manabu Soya 06:01  
     Yasufumi Nakanoue 10:54
   Seiya Sanada W
   Masayuki Kono 12:02  
 Tomoaki Honma W  
   Tomoaki Honma 12:30
   Seiya Sanada W  
 Seiya Sanada W
   Yuji Okabayashi 16:04  

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