3XWrestling (3XW) is a midwestern independent professional wrestling organization based in Des Moines, Iowa.


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3XWrestling events
GenesisMeltdown '05Grave CircumstanceFallout
New Year's RevengeRoad to GloryMalicious IntentionsRetributionDevastationExtreme ConflictOne Year AnniversaryRampageNight of DestructionMeltdown '06Halloween HorrorEgoHoliday Havoc
A New BeginningGold RushThe Ash Has RisenChaosX-FactorThis Ones For The KidsReGenesisBeatdownHalloween Horror IICornucopia Of CarnageThanksgiving Throwdown
Inaugural BrawlTough LoveHigh OctaneHostile TakeoverFinal CountdownBlaze of Glory3X-iversaryOn A StickClobberpalooza ClassicBam-O-WeenCampus ChaosBlack Friday
Mardie Gras BrawlCharity Benefit EventPaint The Town GreenApril Showers of PowerMayday MayhemMay Flowers of PowerDowntown Destruction4 Year AnniversaryKing of Des Moines 2009Clobberpalooza Classic IIHalloween Horror IIINovembr Knockout
Ne Year's Revenge 2010Reign Of TerrorThe Ash Has Risen 2010Spring ShowdownOver The TopDowntown Destruction II5th Anniversary ShowKing of Des Moines 2010Clobberpalooza Classic IIIHalloween Horror IVNovember Knockout IIHoliday Havoc 2
Divide & ConquerReign of Terror IILast 1 On LocustSpring Showdown 2Over The Top 2Downtown Destruction 3Six Year Anniversary ShowKing of Des Moines 2011Clobberpalooza Classic IVHalloween Horror VNovember Knockout 3Holiday Havoc 3
Divide & Conquer 2Reign Of Terror 3Live (2/25)Final Countdown 2Live (3/31)Spring Showdown 3Live (4/28)Over The Top 3Downtown Destruction IVSeven Year AnniversaryLive (8/4)King of Des Moines 2012Clobberpalooza Classic VHalloween Horror VINovember Knockout 4Holiday Havoc 4
Divide & Conquer 3Reign Of Terror IVMeltdown IIISpring Showdown 4Over The Top IV6/6Downtown Destruction V8th Year AnniversaryNovember Knockout 5
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