The January 8, 2021 Edition of 205 Live was a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE which took place on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida.


After an up and down rookie season on the purple brand, Ashante “Thee” Adonis kicked off 2021 with a bang, grinding out a tough win against Ariya Daivari.

Daivari looked to ground Adonis by repeatedly slamming his leg against the steel ring post and savagely booting him in the kneecap, but Adonis fought through the pain and left Daivari reeling with a series of clotheslines and a ring-rattling DDT.

When Adonis went for a superkick, however, his previously injured knee buckled, and Daivari Dinero took advantage by taking him down and locking him in a Figure-Four Leglock.

Somehow, Adonis resisted the urge to tap out, and he earned the victory after ducking Daivari’s Hammerlock Lariat and clobbering him in the chin with a superkick.

Textbook tag team wrestling was the name of the game for The Bollywood Boyz, who claimed the advantage by isolating August Grey from Curt Stallion and double-teaming him at ringside with an all-out blitz.

Samir and Sunil used rapid-fire tags to stay fresh, and Samir nearly drove Grey through the canvas with a bulldog from the middle rope. Moments later, Samir & Sunil linked up for the Bollywood Blast, but Stallion interrupted the pinfall just in the nick of time.

Grey stuck it out long enough to make a diving tag to Stallion, who hit the ring like a ball of fire, drilling Samir with a basement dropkick and a DDT.

With all four competitors trading haymakers, Grey made a blind tag to Stallion and leveled Samir with a leaping Unprettier to earn the 1-2-3.

Both teams will also participate in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, which is slated to begin this Wednesday on NXT, and 205 Live will play host to several tournament matchups on the Jan. 15, Jan. 22 and Jan. 29 editions of the purple brand!


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