The April 3, 2020 Edition of 205 Live was a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE which was taped on March 21, 2020 at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.


Both Kushida and Danny Burch have been in the midst of winning streaks in recent weeks between WWE 205 Live and WWE NXT; thus, their paths were destined to cross. Having never competed against one another, both Superstars tested the waters early in the contest as Kushida tried to use his speed to counter Burch’s technical prowess.

Burch gained the upper hand with a leg pick, dropping Kushida to the canvas. However, the Japanese Superstar quickly regained control by turning up the speed and forcing Burch to the outside. As Kushida went for a high-risk move, Burch clobbered him with a perfectly timed punch.

Kushida again changed the pace of the contest, taking down The Governor on the outside before delivering a kick to the face. A desperate Burch landed two headbutts that allowed him to execute the crossface. Kushida maneuvered out of the hold before trading strikes with Burch and hitting a crushing basement dropkick. Seizing the opportunity to strike, Kushida applied a Kimura lock for the submission win.

Following a victory against Austin Theory on WWE NXT, Tyler Breeze looked for another win on WWE 205 Live against Gentleman Jack Gallagher. The British Superstar made his return to the purple brand last month, eliminating Breeze from a 10-Man Tag Team Elimination Match. Reinvigorated and newly focused, Gallagher was ready for a fight.

With the match being contested at a frenetic pace, Breeze tattooed Gallagher with a Supermodel Kick, but Gentleman Jack narrowly kicked out. Breeze ascended the top rope and looked to put his opponent away, but Gallagher quickly grabbed Breeze’s arm and drove it into the top rope. Gallagher continued to target Gallagher’s shoulder, applying a shoulder lock that left Prince Pretty desperately reaching for the ropes.

Gallagher continued his aggressive assault and traded strikes with Breeze before being forced to the outside after a knee to the face. After forcing Gallagher into the barricade and tossing him back into the ring, Breeze looked to follow up, but he couldn’t get in the ring thanks to the damage done to his shoulder early in the contest. Gallagher seized the opportunity to strike and delivered a discus elbow for the pinfall.


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