Slammy awards

The 2010 Slammy Awards event took place as part of a 3-hour special of Monday Night Raw on December 13, 2010

Awards Presentation

Shocker of the Year

Despicable Me Award

  • CM Punk sings "Happy Birthday" to Rey Mysterio's daughter - WINNER
  • Sheamus attacks Triple H with a lead pipe while The Game talks about Shawn Michaels
  • The Nexus attacks Ricky Steamboat and WWE Legends
  • Kane buries The Undertaker alive

Guest Star Shining Moment of the Year

  • Mike Tyson knocks out Chris Jericho
  • Pee-wee Herman vs. The Miz - WINNER
  • Florence Henderson kisses The Great Khali
  • William Shatner sings WWE Entrances

Holy %&^*%&* Move of the Year

"Oh Snap" Meltdown of the Year

  • Big Show destroys Jack Swagger’s trophies
  • Edge destroys the Raw GM’s computer - WINNER
  • Alberto Del Rio injures Rey Mysterio’s arm with a steel chair
  • Batista quits WWE

Knucklehead Moment of the Year

WWE Diva of the Year

WWE Moment of the Year

  • Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels shake hands
  • The Nexus debuts and attacks John Cena
  • The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in Michaels’ final match - WINNER
  • Kane wins Money in Bank, cashes in on same night

Superstar of the Year

WWE Slammy Awards


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