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The 2006 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Brand Extension Draft took place from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington on May 29, 2006, where ECW representative, Paul Heyman, drafted two superstars, one from SmackDown! and one from Raw onto the newly created ECW brand. During the following month, other drafts also took place such as Randy Orton returning to Raw after his ankle injury (in storyline) on SmackDown and Tazz leaving his position as color commentator on Smackdown to be the broadcast partner of Joey Styles on ECW. The final draftee was the Big Show who participated in a battle royal as a member of the Raw roster only to reveal an ECW shirt underneath and confirm an alliance with Paul Heyman.

Superstar selections[]

Pick # Brand Superstar(s) From
1 ECW Rob Van Dam Raw
2 ECW Kurt Angle Smackdown
3 Raw Randy Orton Smackdown
4 ECW Tazz Smackdown
5 ECW Big Show Raw

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